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Tubi Style sports exhaust systems for the Ferrari, fine looks, brilliant performance, and the the Tubi Style exhaust fits perfectly, so you can appreciate the super-car sound.

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Ferrari California Stainless Steel loud exhaust kit


Ferrari California Stainless Steel loud exhaust kit

The California is a departure from what most people expect from Ferrari. It's their first ever front-engine direct injection V8, the first to feature Ferrari's 7-speed dual clutch transmission, their first retractable hard-top convertible, and one of the first cars on the road bold enough to use two large vertically stacked exhaust outlets rather then the traditional horizontal layout. Even with all these new developments, the California is still distinctly Ferrari. And just like other Ferrari models, the California falls victim to strict European and North American sound regulations that limit the volume of the exhaust. To combat this, Ferrari controls the sound of the exhaust using valves which open and close under certain conditions. But let's face it, every Ferrari looks and performs better then the majority of cars on the road, so it should sound better too. The exhaust wizards at Tubi Style have developed their non-valved stainless replacement mufflers to bring out the signature Ferrari tune you expect to hear playing as the car drives away. The mufflers are made from lightweight polished stainless steel and feature Tubi's proprietary free-flowing design to create the perfect balance of aggressive sound and drivability. Fitment is perfect, and you'll even notice a small increase in power and responsiveness thanks to the excellent design of the muffler internals.


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